The Role of Technology in La Jolla Real Estate: How Digital Tools are Changing the Way We Buy and Sell Homes

Nelson Brothers Team September 7, 2023

The Role of Technology in La Jolla Real Estate: How Digital Tools are Changing the Way We Buy and Sell Homes

Technology is transforming how every industry functions, and with these advancements, things are changing faster than ever. Since the introduction of online listing hubs, real estate is an industry that has been drastically influenced by new and improved technologies and digital tools. Real estate agents and homeowners alike have more tools in their arsenal for buying or selling property. These tools make it easier to connect with interested buyers and sellers and can help showcase homes at their very best.

If you're looking to buy or sell La Jolla real estate, any or all of these powerful digital tools can make your experience easier. From harnessing the power of social media to utilizing drone photography and virtual assistants, digital tools should be a staple in your toolkit.

Social media is changing real estate

At the forefront of the digital revolution are social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The presence of social media in real estate is twofold. Realtors and homeowners can use social media to look for new properties or share their listings with their network, attracting more views and connecting with interested parties.

Additionally, social media can be a particularly powerful lead-generation tool for real estate agents. A strong online presence is important for any realtor who wishes to grow their network and build a strong business. Agents who post regularly to their social pages could be more likely to find valuable connections and get in touch with people interested in their services.

All social media platforms have their benefits. According to MPA Magazine, 97% of realtors use Facebook as their preferred social media marketing tool, followed by LinkedIn at 59% and Instagram at 39%. If you're deciding what social platform to focus on, think about which one your ideal customers tend to use.

Five powerful digital tools

In addition to social media, the following digital tools can make it easier to buy or sell property. These transformative tools are working to change the way that realtors connect with clients and share properties' features and benefits.

1. Video tours

Once upon a time, video tours were exclusively reserved for interested buyers who lived on the other side of the country or in a state several hours away. These buyers might want to put in an offer on a home but couldn't make time to see it in person. Video tours offer a way for these buyers to get an up-close look at the property without rearranging their schedule at the last minute.

While video tours are still useful for this purpose, the COVID-19 pandemic and advancing technology mean that more people than ever want to check out a home for sale without leaving their couch. Video tours offer buyers ultimate convenience, while live streams allow realtors to showcase a home to many people at once as a type of virtual open house.

2. Drone photography

La Jolla's beautiful seaside views and sunny weather year-round make the outdoor components of a home for sale as important as what lies inside. This is where drone photography comes in handy. Realtors who want to showcase a luxury property from all angles can use drone photography to snap stunning aerial pictures. Formerly, these types of photographs would be done exclusively from a helicopter, making it a prohibitive option for most real estate agents. Drone photography has changed the game, making aerial real estate photography accessible for all.

3. Virtual staging

Staging is an essential component of selling a property in La Jolla. Staging is done by a professional team of designers and decorators who come into your home and create a perfectly-curated space through the use of decor and furniture styling. While it is always recommended to stage a home, there are times when it might not be possible to work with a traditional staging team.

Virtual staging is an option that many real estate agents are utilizing to get the same effect as staging but without the time commitment. Virtual staging is done through a company or app that digitally alters photographs of your home, removing or adding furniture and design elements to create a new look. There's also DIY home staging software available that lets you alter photographs yourself, deleting and adding furniture and decor as you go.

4. Chatbots and virtual assistants

Busy realtors who have a full schedule buying and selling houses don't always have time to manage a website effectively. Rather than hiring another person for the express purpose of managing incoming leads from a website, many realtors are turning to virtual assistants and chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that simulate human conversation. They can be extremely useful on real estate websites when a potential client has a question.

While they are rarely equipped to answer complex questions or provide in-depth answers, chatbots are a helpful tool for realtors who need a hand with online management. Another benefit of chatbots and virtual assistants is that they can answer questions or deliver information in multiple languages so realtors can connect with even more people.

5. Digital documents and transactions

One constant with buying or selling a home is the volume of paperwork that goes along with closing. The digital revolution has changed this process, streamlining it to allow many buyers and sellers to preview, sign, and return documents electronically. This saves time and stress and provides an additional layer of security that many people find reassuring.

Digital documentation isn't fully incorporated in every real estate transaction, and not every buyer or seller might be comfortable with the process. Notably, some older buyers or sellers might prefer to sign physical copies of papers rather than lend their signatures electronically. However, for those who choose to embrace technology, signing documents electronically is a true time-saver.

The Nelson Brothers Team can assist you with buying or selling La Jolla property

Digital tools are changing the way real estate transactions occur, streamlining complex processes and making it possible for more buyers and sellers to connect with the properties that resonate with them. If you're looking to buy or sell a home in La Jolla, the Nelson Brothers Team can assist. As La Jolla's trusted luxury home realtor, the Nelson Brothers Team is well-versed in coming up with creative solutions for all your real estate ventures.

The Nelson Brothers Team is ready and waiting to help you with your next purchase or home sale. Contact the Nelson Brothers Team today to get started!

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